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SO what do you do in the middle of a Pandemic when you are tired of staying at home and have a burning desire to travel again? You sell your house, all of your belongings and buy a 45 foot tour bus to take yer show on the road! 


Well that’s exactly what I did. I packed up the life I knew in Orillia and headed to the USA to pick up my bus and start touring. The plan was to travel and visit unique, cool, amazing spots in each state that most wouldn’t get an opportunity to see first hand. I also wanted to interview people all along the way as well as try and interview Social Media Stars in each city, town or state I was in.


So here’s how that went….. IT DIDN’T. Well not to the extent I had planned. I have now been in 8 states in 4 plus months and have seen and experienced some things that most never will. What didn’t happen was interviews with social media stars or almost anyone in person during this COVID nightmare we have all had to endure. 


Yet I have managed to grow my brand, my logo and myself thanks in part to joining the Dean Blundell Network. So many great adventures await over the next 6 months. Tons of great content will be captured and you can see and enjoy it all here. Loads of podcasts, live shows, pictures and videos. As well as MERCHANDISE WHICH IS COMING VERY VERY SOON. 


Come trip with me as me and my dog TUCKER travel on during these unique and weird times.

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