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Cat Falling From Upper Level Of Football Stadium Is A Must See

The videos of this cat’s crazy-ass adventure in a football stadium in Miami are unreal. Talk about the adage that cats have nine lives. This feline definitely kissed one goodbye on a Saturday at the Miami Hurricanes game. The fans were frantic, as you can hear in this first video. And man, what a catch by the heroes down below with their American Flag.

No matter what angle you watch these videos from, it is mind-numbingly spectacular. Of course, one has to wonder how in the hell a cat gets into the stadium for one? But how did the little bugger get into wherever he crawled his ass out from in the first place?

All of a sudden, the scared cat finds himself hanging in a stadium full of screaming fans. Lucky for him. This certainly isn’t something you see every day. Hella, entertaining, though, to say the least. That is one lucky pussy cat, and you can bet your ass that cat doesn’t do that nonsense again.

So incredible to watch the crowd go from freaking out to pure bloody jubilation. One more shout out to the champs below who lined up the flag perfectly to catch/break the fall of everyone’s favourite new cat. Animals are the greatest, aren’t they?

Love your pet a little extra tonight because ya never know when they may wander off and dangle from the rafters of a Miami Hurricanes game.

Bondzee Trippin With Bondzee

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