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Brand New Single "Foreign" By Tie Bond

Fresh off his very successful video release for his old single “CRUSIN” Tie Bond is on a mission. Tie just dropped his new single “FOREIGN” exactly a year to the day since he released his last song. “It wasn’t even on purpose” says Bond. It was pure coincidence that it happened and wasn’t noticed till after the release of “FOREIGN”.

This latest single is “hard” so says Tie and his fans that have loved and supported the new single. You can hit it up on all streaming services including YouTube.

A video will follow says Bond. But for now he’s in the midst of writing a new song and will be shooting a video for it with Taylor Gang member Young Deji. Tie also mentioned to me that another new single is coming soon named “LA NIGHTS”. So lots on the go for this young up and coming Canadian musician who is grinding it out hard in LA.

Be sure to follow his journey on all his social media and show some love for his music on all the platforms. ✌️💙

@tiebond on Instagram and Tik Tok

@Tie_bond8 on Twitter


Trippin With Bondzee

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