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Chase It, Chase It In, Go Get It Butterfly. Yes We Are Flying Now

Wow, wee, this is pretty damn cool. If you don’t like golf, you have to love this.

The PGA has clamped down on the “BROOKSY” shout out’s. They say it’s bad for the game. I’m afraid I have to disagree. This belongs in the game. It’s part of the game. The PGA needs to pull that old-school lump of coal out of their ass and realize you need these smart-mouth yelling fools that scream BROOKSY, Bababooey, Get in the Hole, and Mashed Potatoes after tee shots. Like it or lump it, they are here to stay.

Scream away at any other sporting event. Just remember you are not allowed to scream “BROOKSY” at any point of a PGA event.

This new rule is guff to me, and it just shows you how much clout Bryson DeChambeau has on this PGA Tour. He’s a draw. Love him or hate him. He’s hated on tour.

Now back to the butterfly and the best call in golf in a long time. Brooks lines up a fairly lengthy putt, and as it is halfway to the hole, a tiny white butterfly swoops in and guides BROOKSY’s ball right into the hole. The butterfly disappears like it never happened.

To call this gem on the fly as it happens, well done, Mike Tirico. Mike, out of nowhere, automatically rolls with the situation, and it’s pure gold. “Chase it, chase it in. Go get it, butterfly. YES. We are flying now”. We all loved it. Awesome, just awesome.

Golf is hard, and golf is great. Loudmouths unite and stay strong out there. The game needs you! PGA pull yer head out of yer ass.



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