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Colorado Boulder 1 Bondzee's Bus 0

Well F**K. I done gone messed up in Colorado.

I was really really hoping and truly believed I would get through this trip unscathed. Me and my bus. Sadly though today I screwed up. Now that being said, I am extremely cautious of where to take my 45-foot bus. There are simply places I cannot and should not go. Almost 3 months into this madness I have been hyper-focused on where I can pull into and where I can’t for sake of getting stuck.

Today began like this…… woke up at 7 am and felt great as I stared at the mountains. I thought… Bondzee today is gonna be a super day. Had a walk and a smoothie. Followed by some reading of scripts I do for my job. I then packed up and was giddy to be heading into the mountains.

I needed supplies and groceries before heading into the mountains for 5 days so I stopped at your friendly neighbourhood Walmart. Which by the way, google how many Walmarts there are in the USA. They are everywhere here including a plethora of small towns and any other place you can think of. It’s stunning, to be honest. I am thankful for them though living life on the road. They have huge ass parking lot’s where you can legit sleep for a night or 2. They also have everything you need to survive and it’s cheap as chips. (Ol English saying there for me Mum) Love ya Sarg.

So at this point, I am 30 mins from my campsite in the Rocky Mountains and I pull over in a gas station to pod with Dean as I do each Wednesday. Had a blast and they made fun of me as usual. I do feel the love though! I think?! Now, I am done and heading up to my reserved site in the Rockies. I pulled in made it safe and sound and checked in. Then I am told to go to the top of the hill to fill up with water and then I can come back down and pull into my site. Well, she couldn’t have been more fucking wrong if she tried.

After loading up the bus with fresh water I proceeded down the road then I came to a nasty sharp corner that had my immediate attention. I felt confident behind the wheel and was like just focus fella. Which I did until I realized that upon paying so much attention to making the sharp turn and not hitting an RV and a post I didn’t see the boulder on the left that I am not so sure I wouldn’t have cleared without rolling over sideways as the road had a solid tilt to it on the curve.

So yes I F**K’ed up in Colorado and in the future, I will need to sometimes get out and assess certain situations before trying to pull shit off that I shouldn’t. The worst part of this whole story is that there was a fucking water tap 20 yards from where they put me. Yet they said it may be hard to get water there, so I should go up top. This situation was so unavoidable today but oh well. They felt so bad about their screw-up that I got 4 free nights in the mountains and they are having a company come out to look at the damage and see what they can do to help me asap.

No more nonsense and let’s keep our fingers crossed for a safe journey to California. Let the good times roll. Plenty more content coming and stories from the road with Ol Bondzarelli. Thanks, everybody.

What a day. BYE.


Trippin With Bondzee

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