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Come on Bondzee's Tram Ride And Hike At Mount San Jacinto State Park In California

After working my ass off and not leaving the bus for over 10 days I decided I needed a break. So I rented a car and Tucker and I headed to the mountains. We took a tram ride to the top of Mount San Jacinto. This turned out to be a superb decision. The Tram is located a few towns over in Palm Springs and is world-famous. It has the world’s largest rotating floor inside the tram and rotates at a slow speed. The panoramic views on the way up were stunning.

Once we reached the top, the first thing I noticed was that it was about 25 degrees cooler. It was a perfect 82 degrees and it was nice to not drip sweat like every 5 seconds. I then watched a documentary in their mini-theatre about San Jacinto State Park. Many hikers and campers make the trek by tram and spend days up in the San Jacinto Mountain State Park. It’s not something you will ever catch my ass doing for a plethora of reasons. The first being there’s a lot of snakes, bears, and other lurking creatures, so-ya, NO THANKS.

We did however go on a mile and a half hike that wasn’t hard but wasn’t a cakewalk either. Being 8400 feet above sea level (my fat ass is not in the best shape) that hike was perfect for me and Tucker. The air is definitely thinner up there regardless of the shape you are in. The views were stunning at the 5 viewpoints and did not disappoint. I truly loved and enjoyed hiking alone in the mountains and soaking in the peace and quiet. Now don’t get me wrong, there were other peeps up there. I would see people at checkpoints or passing sporadically on the trails here and there.

It was awesome to clear my head, see the spectacular views and explore a cool California Mountain, State Park. I met 2 guys in the Tram who had been hiking for 10 hours. Ummm ya, no thanks. One guy had calves like Popeye’s fucken forearms and was in mega great shape.

It was great seeing a bunch of wildlife at the top. I was also so thankful to not see a rattlesnake or come face to face with a bear or mountain lion. It’s always a good day out.

This Tram ride has 5 towers that you go thru and the whole ride takes about 11 minutes. Every tower you go through gives you a big old way out of it which was cool to me. For others not so much. My mum told me there’s no way she would be caught dead on that thing. The tram was engineered and built by the Swiss and was all done by helicoptering in and out. Overall a solid day of views, hiking and I learned some things.

I would love to go back up there one day when there is snow. Sadly, that is still about 3 months away. I highly recommend this Tram Ride to the top if you are ever in the Palm Springs area make sure you catch the video on my YouTube Channel

Next up we took off to another set of mountains where I felt like I was driving a race car. The drive through the mountains with all the curves and switchbacks was incredible. Tucky and I found a lake at 5000 feet and dipped our feet. Plus we visit a cool little hippy town called Idyllwild that is in the middle of nowhere. It’s really fucking cool and touristy.

I will also show you some forest fire devastation I saw on our trek.



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