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CRUSIN With Tie Bond In LA - New Video

Did ya miss me?? Sorry but I had to take a lil break while I travelled 5 States (Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California) in 3 weeks with my youngest son. It was pretty damn special having him join me for the last 3 weeks of this adventure I have been on. Our final destination was HOLLYWOOD to visit my oldest son who now calls California home. He has been bouncing back and forth from Toronto to LA for 3 years now. This time he doesn’t plan on coming back.

Tie Bond is an up and coming music star in LA and has been grinding it out for years now. Each and every year he also get’s better and makes bigger and better things happen.

Here’s his story…. Tie has been making music since a young age and went to college for music as well in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. he has known what he’s wanted since the get go and now is living that dream. Tie has put out 2 previous videos for his singles Palm Trees and Drippin. They are both great videos and have lot’s of views on YouTube. Both of the previous videos plus this new one for his latest song CRUSIN were all directed by Chris Cordova. Chis has previously worked for Wiz Khalifa which is how he met Tie. They met back stage at a Wiz show and now are roommates in LA and great friends.

Tie is super stoked for his latest release which was shot in and around the LA area with some incredible drone shots and editing skills. It dropped on the 6th of July and is doing very well so far on YouTube.

In the short interview I did with Tie regarding his latest release which you can see here, he says this is his best work yet . He really feels as though he’s into a solid groove now and believes that he is much more confident. He also mentions that this is just the start of a bigger story to come with this video.

I look forward to the future for Tie and I sense big things for him real soon. It’s not easy leaving home and moving to LA alone but Tie is very driven and determined to make it work. That’s the first step to success. I guess the ol adage is true…..The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Go get em son, I am super proud of you.

Check out more of Tie Bond’s work on his YouTube channel and follow him on TIK TOK and INSTAGRAM – @tiebond and his TWITTER handle is @tie_bond8

Be safe, take care of one another and take care of yourself.

Peace n Luv


Trippin With Bondzee

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