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It's Hotter Then The Devils Front Porch Here In Palm Desert, California

As I write this I am holed up in the back of my bus where the last of the 4 AC Units work on this damn bus. Thank Christ my bedroom is back there or sleepy time would really blow. Now it certainly doesn’t help that the weather here in Palm Desert, California is well into the 100’s (40’s for my Canadian friends) day and night.

I have to walk my dog first thing in the morning and then once it’s almost dark as it’s just too damn hot for a dog outside in the day. It’s a routine Tucker is still getting used to. But once he goes outside midday he understands quickly. The heat here is uncanny, even when it’s dark out. Now I love the heat, ask anyone who knows me. But even Nicaragua wasn’t this hot when I lived there for 3 years.

I made that video to show you how I am living right now and where. Always an adventure here on the road with Bondzee and Tucker. It sure would be nice to get hold of an AC Repair Person but that’s turning out to be quite the task. Let’s hope we can get this resolved sooner rather than later before Tuck and I melt to death.

Even the pool here at the RV Resort is like a hot bath. It’s wet and somewhat refreshing at least. I am thankful for an air-conditioned gym to go to daily which I do cause it’s the coldest place around here. Talk about incentive EH!

Stay cool wherever you are and hydrate yourself. I have never drank more water in my life.

Maybe being in the desert is exactly what I needed. I am not drinking, going to the gym daily, drinking tons of water and accomplishing a plethora of things on the ol list. Palm Desert it is, for a while.

Have a great weekend. ✌️💙


Trippin With Bondzee

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