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Someone Tried Breaking Into My Tour Bus - Thanks Asshole

Life on the road is something. There literally is never a dull moment! Whether you get a rock off the windshield that causes a massive crack or you run into a boulder that causes $10,000 in damage. Every single day brings an adventure of the unknown and the feeling of oh shit, what next.

Well, today I realized that somewhere over the past 3 months of being on the road, someone tried to break into my Prevost tour bus. In the video here you can clearly see someone wanted in the ONLY sliding window on the bus. Said window is located at the driver seat for obvious reasons. I went back through where I was in my mind and the only place I could think of where it could have happened was the golf courses where it was the only time I was gone for multiple hours on end.

Every other place has been a secure spot… ie campground, places with cameras, and friends property’s. I have rarely been away from the bus in so long it really is a mystery, but one thing is clear… someone tried hard to get in my bus. Now for those that don’t know, there’s one way on and one way off this Prevost barring an emergency and smashing a window. The front door isn’t your regular door that you can walk up and open or try boot in. It’s steel with a bad ass deadbolt. So thankfully it looks the window is just as solid.

Regardless of when or where this happened, it took some serious effort as that window isn’t your normal height unless your ass is Yao Ming. I am glad they didn’t succeed but “A” for effort ya bastards. I am going to assume they or he/she weren’t the brightest and were looking for a quick grab and go but realized that Prevost coaches are like Fort Knox on wheels.

Not that I want to jinx myself but I hope I don’t ever lose my keys or I am royally fucked. Also if by chance you get on that bus whilst I am on it and you were not invited in, I pity you fool. Take your choice of either a pepper spray gun, machete, baseball bat, or just crazy-ass Bondzee, and his will not to die.


Trippin With Bondzee

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