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The BondCast - With Trusty Truster AKA Rich Misener Videographer To The Stars.

If you like music, graffiti, golf, boats, and kick ass stories about a hoodlum getting arrested and crying like a baby, stay tuned.

It’s the BondCast and I had the pleasure of interviewing Trusty Truster a legend in the graffiti scene in Toronto. Yet he really went on to be so much more.

We learn how he got started with Our Lady Peace. He explains how hanging out lead to selling T Shirts at shows and losing money nightly. We also talk how it massively progressed from there to what Trust’y Trusters life is today. It’s pretty damn sweet and he fully admits he owes it all to Our Lady Peace. In fact he just finished up the latest artwork for OLP’s upcoming anticipated Spiritual Machines 2.

The story is fascinating as is Trusty’s charisma. He’s so chill, cool and laid back as he tells story after story on his boat whilst crushing beers about his sort of band Inland Doves. Who by the way have 2 great songs out on YouTube called Krikets and Kuta. Make sure to check them out.

Rich (his real name) also tells me about his new boat Jose and how and why boating is in his DNA. We also chat golf, x wives (listen carefully and you will hear me fully ram my foot in my mouth.) Rich Misener then tells me his hilarious story about getting caught and arrested for doing his graffiti thing at 20. Which leads to him admitting he cried like a baby. Pure laughs and good times in this BondCast.

It’s gold he’s gold and is a funny fella who tells great stories. Have a listen. It’s here in the Podcast section.


Bondzee ✌️💙

Trippin With Bondzee

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The BondCast

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