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This Clown Just Kissed His Sex Life Good Bye Forever!

Now look, maybe I am in no place to give marriage advice, but I am not a simpleton! So what may have seemed outrageously funny in this wankers head, obviously whilst fuck ass wasted turned into his nightmare?

What the hell were you thinking, bud? One could only assume he proceeded to get this tattoo while three sheets to the wind before sleeping on it. Had he perhaps slept on it, woke up, rethought his at the time grand idea, he most likely would have gone, haha, funny but NO, let’s NOT get a tattoo of that.

Not this guy! Straight to the tat shop and said, ” I want this now.” So instead of waking up and going “phew,” glad I didn’t do that stupid thought I had all wasted up last night. This ass hat woke up with his wife’s eight chins forever plastered on his rib cage/beer belly.

You, me, we have all been royally buggered from booze and or drugs. Shit, I have made some stupid ass decisions in my time. We have all been hammered up but thank fuck. I never got permanent ink of my slob of a wife’s eight chins while she snores like a banshee.

I can only imagine the hatred she felt upon witnessing this train wreck of an idea. He must have felt horrified himself upon waking up soberish the next morn and seeing the carnage. These photos are gold, don’t get me wrong. Sadly we don’t get to see the actual, authentic content. We all would have loved to see the video of his reaction upon waking up. I wish we could have caught a glimpse of just how epic her response would have also been.

Oh well, half gold is still better than no gold, I suppose. Fellas, ladies, please let these photos be a reminder to you that excessive alcohol is bad. Great in the moment, not so much the next day. KISS OF DEATH for this guy’s sex life! What a big dummy!

I also wonder who the hell tattooed this disaster because they are fucking terrible. The only thing they got right was the chins. 😏



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