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Travel Tips From NOMAD Bondzee... Always Check The Fine Print On Your Insurance Policy. FML

I have never claimed to be one of them-there smart ones, you know. I am more street smart. That’s the term the kids are using these days. I am forty-eight years old, and I am still trying to grow up. It’s a work in progress. Change is hard.

Now, I sit on a 45-foot bus wondering where the hell we are going to live in 12 days once my visa runs out here in the USA. I am not as dumb as I may look or seem.

Greg has a contingency plan. I applied for a six-month extended Visa to stay in the USA. Sure am banking on that as I have shit to do here in California. I could be denied. If that’s the case, I store the bus, go back to Canada for a minute to kick in my travel insurance, and then off to Nicaragua. I’ll be damned if I spend another winter in Canada. It’s just not my thing.

My goal is to get my Visa extension to stay in California and hit LA hard. If not, amazing content awaits us in Nicaragua. It’s a win-win if you ask me.

I am different, and I am not you or you or you either. What I do scares the hell out of people as it should. It scares the hell out of me, to be truthful. But it’s who I am. Living on the road is what I do best. I am not looking for or want love or a fancy house. The next adventure, the next rush, and thrill await. Too much has been invested. Know this. I will never be your 9-5 ‘how you doing’ type of fellow, ever.

I am me. Bondzee. Who is just getting started? I have already lived a lifetime. Just make sure you get the “proper insurance” to be a NOMAD wandering human if you do things like I do. The world is your oyster, folks, be it in a bus, a van, or a world cruise. Double and triple-check everything before you leave. It will save you so much hassle.

Due to my stupidity and failure to read the fine print of precisely what I was buying for travel renewal insurance, my last 14 days have been hell. Don’t be ME! That guy who lives like Peter Pan and will never grow up Bondzee. Do your homework and research, don’t buy or renew this important stuff while wasted. Read the small stuff. Turns out it’s essential.

Stick around for more do’s and don’ts of travel with your roaming NOMAD not-so-lost pal Bondzee.

Get on a plane and go. Now. Just do it.

Safe Travels,


Trippin With Bondzee

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