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Trippin With Bondzee Finally Made It To Colorado

Well, looky-looky who’s in Colorado. After rudely, and jokingly, getting told I would never make it out of Texas ALIVE, I spent 2 months there and then I finally made it to Colorado by way of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

So a quick back story for those who aren’t up to speed on my shenanigans. I am a 47 yr old single Dad who sold his house in Orillia, Ontario and bought a 45 foot Prevost tour bus that looks like an early 90’s porn scene, complete with lights and mirrors everywhere. I started in Chattanooga, Tennessee and made my way to Colorado via Arkansas, Texas and New Mexico. Me and just me have been documenting the whole thing and making videos and content for all of my social media. It hasn’t exactly gone as planned as far interviewing Social Media Influencers for my YouTube channel. I thought they would be way easier to get in touch with and be open to being interviewed on the bus. WRONG. They are stuck up snobs who are too busy filming TikTok’s to answer back. Not a few of them…. ALL OF THEM.

So I started videoing and taking tons of pics and making my own content which was also the plan. So I have done so many cool things since being on the road. Ol Bondzarelli has covered 5 states (Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado) and driven over 3000 miles in my Prevost bus/home on wheels. I have fished, shot a 300 lb Wild Hog, golfed amazing courses, been though insane storms and I was escorted out of a world famous steakhouse then driven home in a limo by the same place.

I have broken down a few times and spent quite a few nights in shops. That being said, the bus has run pretty well for sitting in a fucking barn for a couple of years.

For those who know, these machines are designed to run like a fine racehorse. They don’t sit around well. I got it for a steal and knew it would take some cheddar to get her into tip top shape. I added new shocks, 2 new steering tires, 13 new air valves and hoses underneath and a new hydraulic arm for the power steering.

Overall in the grand scheme of things I am still way ahead and these issues are all part of the experience of living life on the road. Oh, and there will be more.

So now here I am in Colorado staring at the sickest mountain views and enjoying their finest legal cannabis whilst reminiscing about this crazy “so called” 2nd Mid-Life Crisis. It has been a wild time so far and I have enjoyed most of it. I have been lonely at times which I didn’t think would happen. I have struggled with alcohol again on the road and haven’t been able to microdose which has affected me pretty hard also. I am off the “piss” and was able to find some shrooms so that I can start micro-dosing again.

It’s a game-changer for me.

Things are looking up, I feel so much better and my 19 yr old son will be here on the 16th of June. Then we will head across the Colorado Mountains together down into Utah. Next off to Nevada with a stop in Las Vegas before we head to California to check out the Joshua Tree. Plus we have other stunning spots lined up before we hit LA to see my oldest son who lives there.

Follow along as I head into the mountains and eventually to LA. YouTube channel is “Trippin With Bondzee” and all other social media is @bondzeelive… Tik Tok, Twitter and Instagram.

Off for a swim as I stare at the mountains.Peace n Luv.


Trippin With Bondzee

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