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Trippin With Bondzee Is Sidelines For Friday Night Lights Football In California

Well, not only did I go to my first Friday Night Lights High School football game, but I also watched from the sidelines and loved every second of it.

Look, I love sports, well, except Cricket. Cricket blows. Sorry to any cricket fans out there. Don’t bother coming at me. It was a joke. Well, it wasn’t. I detest Cricket, but you still need not bother as I don’t care. To each their own ya.

Thanks to the Palm Desert High School Football team and security for allowing me access to the field. I got some incredible footage and had a fantastic time doing so.

Football is just different here, you know? They live, breathe, and sleep football, and it’s encouraged. If you are someone in the community or “donate” lot’s of money, that gets yer ass sidelines. The only other way is press pass or part of the team in some capacity.

I am grateful for this experience, and I wish the Aztecs’ Football Team the best of luck this season and beyond. Though being undefeated in 4 years, I think they are going to be ok. Thanks again for having Trippin With Bondzee as your guest.

God Speed.

Bondzee Trippin With Bondzee

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