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Trippin With Bondzee Rocks Elvis's Graceland

I was never a huge Elvis fan but I am now!

Graceland was magical and felt haunted in a good way. I definitely felt Elvis’s presence inside of Graceland especially in the squash court area and outside by the pool where all the gravesites are. You can check out the famous JUNGLE ROOM, his living room and piano, his pool table room and so much more.

There is also 6 museums to tour and see ALL of Elvis’s stuff including cars, motorbikes, boats and all his suits and awards. Plus of course his 2 Private Jets. A very special experience to say the least. Put it on the bucket list and thank me later.

Oh and one more thing……. if you are in an RV don’t dump yer shit all over their campground like I did! Yer welcome Graceland.


Trippin With Bondzee

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