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Trippin With Bondzee Visit's The Infamous David Koresh Compound

Post # 2 from Trippin With Bondzee. I am no longer a posting virgin but I am still a little tight so give me a bit to loosen up before you come at me hardcore!

Now that it has sunk into my thick skull that I sold my house, everything I own and am travelling the USA in a Prevost bus to create cool content for y’all I am feeling much better. I think! This adventure has taken me across Tennessee, Arkansas and now into Texas where I took the opportunity to visit the site of the David Koresh Massacre in Waco. I was expecting to see nothing but burnt rubble and the concrete pool that I heard was the only thing left. Much to my surprise there was a fancy gated entrance and a long winding driveway leading up to the new church built on the exact site of the explosion back in 1993.

The face of the Whacko from Waco

81 people died that day including the crazy man himself David Koresh. It was rather eery being on this property, knowing the tragedy that took place that killed so many women and children.

Now the Davidian compound is run by a whole new set of kooks….. er I mean people who share Koresh’s same beliefs.

They believe Koresh was the chosen one and he saved those women and children from a horrible life of sex slavery from the government.

The new church is a shrine to Koresh and Trump and they FIRMLY BELIEVE Trump will be the saviour of all that is evil. They believe the government is massively corrupt and that one day Trump will save us all. I had the chance to interview the current Pastor Charles Pace, I will post that entire interview here soon. Rather interesting fellow to say the least.

Next stop Austin Texas for some Texas BBQ, music and bats. Follow along as I continue my journey across Texas.

Peace and Love.


Trippin With Bondzee

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