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Trippin With Bondzee Visit's World Famous Toilet Seat Museum

Now I know that I can talk a lot of BS like the best of them but I shit you not this one is no joke!

Whilst I continued on my trip across the USA after selling my house in Canada and buying a Prevost Tour Bus I came across something rather odd….

We have all been to that Auntie’s house or Grandma’s who have fancy toilet seat covers. This in itself is purely disgusting to me but we have all seen them in one place or another. Well, this fella takes toilet seat covers to a whole new level. All the way to shit town if you will.

Barney Smith, who passed away at age 98 last July amassed a rather odd collection of sorts. He had a toilet seat collection of over 1350 pieces. Yes, toilet seat covers. Barney was a retired plumber who was born in 1921 in Eastland Texas.

Being in the plumbing business, he came across his fair share of dumpers and decided to take his love of art to a whole new level. This passion began 50 years ago and started as a slight hobby. Well, his toilet seat art became his passion even though he promised his wife he would stop at 500. He did not and kept going, eventually turning his home into a toilet seat museum.

Barney used anything and everything to make his newfound toilet seat art including all his leftover plumbing parts etc… He made tribute toilet seats that include Michael Jackson, JFK, NASA, and one that is made of $1 million dollars in shredded money from the Federal Reserve Bank.

After he retired he would conduct his own personal tours for people in his house. His house eventually became a museum in its own right in 1992 after a lot of TV publicity garnered him a lot of attention. Each seat had its own number and story and Ol Barney loved to tell stories about each one.

His entire collection was purchased last year right before he passed away by a Texas businessman.

The Texan owns a unique place called The Truck Yard and is home to 5 bars and Barney’s Toilet Seat Museum. The entire property is pretty wild to experience and the Toilet Seat Museum was pretty fascinating, to say the least.

If you are ever in the Dallas, Texas area, make your way to The Truck yard near Dallas and enjoy a cold brewski and check out a shit ton of toilet seats!

The next time you are on the throne, use the time creatively to think of your own “shitty idea” who knows it just may work.

Follow along on my adventure across the USA on my YouTube Channel… Trippin With Bondzee and follow me on Tik Tok, Twitter, and Instagram @bondzeelive.

Peace n Luv.


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