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Vaccination 1 Bondzee 0 How the Johnson & Johnson Vax Has Kicked My Ass Hard!

Well, Christ. Just when I was on such a roll and feeling pretty damn good about myself, I went and got vaccinated. I wanted to do my part and was finally able to get the same vaccination as my son.

Let’s preface the rest of this by telling you I am writing this whilst lying in bed as much as possible on day 4 because being vertical and moving around is a nightmare.

Here’s what happened.

I Uber one town over late Tuesday where they offer up the J&J shot, wait my turn, and then I have the vaccination flying through my bloodstream before I know it. It took some time, but it now seemed like the right thing to do for many reasons. First and foremost, I want to live. I want to see my kids succeed, and I want to succeed myself in LA. Gregory has big goals.

I Ubered back to the bus, hit the gym, had a great workout, and felt fine. Wednesday, I wake up expecting to feel like hell or not so great. But instead, I pop out of bed, feel like a champ and go through my normal daily routine.

That night (after what felt like my best interview to date with Dean Blundell) Tucker and I busted out a long walk and decompressed after a huge live show.

After the interview, I went to bed, not knowing what was about to come. I got up after a nice sleep in made a coffee, stretched, and realized I wasn’t right. As I sat and played the guitar for few minutes I realized I felt like a zombie and needed to go back to bed asap.

I was in and out of consciousness for the rest of the day and night. The only time I could get up was to use the bathroom or let my dog out to do the same for almost 48 hours.

Friday morning, I started to endure this insane amount of pain in my arm, neck, and shoulder. The same arm I got the jab in. I haven’t felt pain like this since kidney stones a few years back. I thought it would be gone by Saturday, but I was wrong. It got worse. At this point, I was like fuck this vaccine. Why did I get it? Then I thought about the suffering I may have endured if I got Covid.

Saturday was a total write-off, and I never left the bus. I was in pain, miserable as fuck, and wanted to die. Every move I made sent razor blade pain through my neck, shoulder, and arm. Sitting and or walking around wasn’t either. So I laid around all day watching golf, baseball, and movies, all whilst as high as possible to find any relief from the agony of this bloody vaccine.

So here we are Sunday night. Still high as balls, and not a damn thing changed today except for different movies, and I watched the Jake Paul fight. I only hope and wish to get back to my normal routine tomorrow because I don’t lay around well, and Bondzarelli is purely fucking miserable. Even the comfort food McDonald’s tonight with a big ol coca-cola to wash it down didn’t raise my spirits. In fact, it will probably make me feel gross in the morning, and I will be pissed off at myself for indulging.

So look, I may not be the poster child or be on the cheerleading squad for this vaccine, but it’s better than the alternative like my old man said. So here’s hoping tomorrow is all rainbows and unicorns, and I can get back to kicking ass and running.

Have a great week and be safe out there.

Ps. I didn’t drink to mask the pain, though a moment or two tested me, and for that, I am proud.


Bondzee Trippin With Bondzee

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