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We Almost Ended Up In Kansas On The Bus. Wild Adventures Continue On The Road With Bondzee!!

Just a regular Tuesday afternoon in this beautiful city of Palm Desert, California, where it legit feels like groundhog day everyday. Weather-wise, I mean. Every day of the year is the same. Hot and beautiful. But today turned rather nasty. And I loved it!

I was working away when I felt the bus rock and shake for all the wrong reasons. Followed by cracks and bangs. I open a shade only to see the trees sideways and dark ass clouds. I ventured outside as you should in the middle of a massive storm. Only to find huge branches down all around the bus. The wind is wicked, there are pockets of blue sky, but it was mostly dark and gnarly looking. Bondzee was ready. I live for this shit.

It felt eerie out! Do you know that feeling? I was waiting to see a tornado pop up any second because it sure felt like it was going to. So Tucker and I ventured off to get some footage. Finally, we make it to the pond wherein the distance I was watching limbs snap off trees like they were twigs. A couple of fellas surveyed the downed limbs all around their rigs. They commented how lucky they were that none of the branches or big limbs were on top of their mobile palaces.

I get the footage I need, say a quick hello, and then my guy Tucker decides to drop a massive steamer right in front of these two fellas. Well, because I left the bus in a hurry I only grabbed two cameras and his leash. I forgot to grab the shit bags. What’s most annoying is the little poo monster just went an hour ago.

So now as we all stare at each other awkwardly, I say I will be right back. I sloth my way over to the dog poo poo bag station because it’s about as fast as now vaccinated Bondzee can move (don’t get me started). Then all of a sudden CRACK!!! It scared the bejesus out of all of us, including poor little Tuck, who detests loud bangs more than he hates a bath!

I like a guy in Jorts.

He bolts for the bus like he’s a greyhound whilst I scoop up his business. I get back to the bus to find the poor guy shivering at the bus door. We re-group inside, have a nice chat about what just transpired and then sauntered back out to get what I could for footage. We didn’t get far due to my pain level, but I did get what I needed.

The wind and lightning kept up for a while, but I truly think we dodged a bullet here at the fancy Palm Desert RV Resort. This was the most excitement I have witnessed in this hoity-toity little city known as Palm Desert, California. Where every day feels like groundhog day with mountains all around, blue sky, and scorching hot temperatures.

We got lucky this time Tucker. But, unfortunately Dorthy, Kansas will have to wait.

Peace N Luv. Until next time…


Trippin With Bondzee

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