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If You Were Not A Fan Of Avril Lavigne You Sure As Hell Will Be Now

Now, look, my last post got pulled because I am a grammatical and spelling moron. So I am here to redeem myself in 2 ways. 1. This post will be grammatically perfect, and 2. How fucking hot is Avril Lavigne in a bikini fellas? Yep, you are welcome.

I will admit here, and now I have always been a fan of the goth-looking, baggy clothes-wearing skater chick. She had that look, and I dug some of her songs. But then she married Chad Kruger, and her hotness level and my attention span for her dropped rapidly.

Now she seems to be back and is dating and making music with Mod Sun. If you don’t know who Mod Sun is, you should. He’s killing it on the music scene, as is his best pal MGK (Machine Gun Kelly). Who, by the way, is now dating Megan Fox.

It makes me think there is still hope that at 47, rocking a skullet and a Dad Bod! That old Bondzarelli still has a chance to land a celeb! But for now, I will continue to sit back and stare at pictures of Avril Lavigne, as will you, and hope for the best.

You’re welcome, fellas.

Happy day. ✌️💙


Trippin With Bondzee

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