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Trippin With Bondzee's Creepy One Night Stay On The Grounds Of A 1900's Children's Orphanage

This is my first post so if it sucks, relax. I’ll figure this out.

After selling everything I own including my house, I bought an old Prevost Tour bus that Motley Crue probably used on their Girls, Girls Girls tour, and after hitting Graceland, I went dark visiting a haunted old orphanage. I’m traveling through the United States to see shit and this old haunted orphanage was definitely shit.

Here is a quick Lil video of my one-night stay at the very creepy Children’s Orphanage from the early 1900s in North Little Rock, Arkansas. It is called St. Joseph’s Home and they swear it’s not haunted but I clearly beg to differ.

I asked about the building and it turns out people actually live in there. It’s also used as an office space BUT no one is allowed on the 4th floor. Why? Cause it’s haunted as fuck that’s why!!

They say it’s because of damage to the floor and they don’t have the money to fix it up. Ahhhhmmmmmm bullshit. Anyway, it was a cool property, to say the least, and it’s now a community farm for the locals. It’s also considered a historic site that is run by a non-profit organization.

If you need a place to crash for the night they are part of “Harvest Host’s” and you can stay there for free if ya dare.

I have plenty more great content coming from Trippin With Bondzee as I make my way across the USA in my Prevost Tour Bus to seek out cool and unique things. Follow along on my YouTube channel… “Trippin With Bondzee” or on all social media @bondzeelive.

Texas is next Ya’ll


Trippin With Bondzee

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