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The Best 3 Weeks Of My Life. 5 States, 3 Weeks On My Bus With My 19 Yr Old Son

Well, that was easily the best 3 weeks of my entire life. To have the chance to take my 19 yr old son from Denver, Colorado to Santa Monica, California within a 3-week span on the bus was priceless. Most 19 yr old’s don’t have the best of relationships with their Dads and hardly see them let alone spend 3 weeks on a tour bus with them.

Then there’s Brad. The most chill, easy-going fella I have ever met. If I did one thing right in life it was I raised my 2 boys, properly. They are humble, polite, and very driven individuals who will do well due to their character.

In this video, I take you on a journey of a special time that a father and son got to spend together and make memories of a lifetime over a 3-week span that covered 5 states. From snow and mountains to extreme heat to baseball games and Vegas, we had the time of our lives.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did making it. I can’t wait for our next adventure together Brad!!

Peace N Luv ✌️💙


Trippin With Bondzee

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