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What In The Hell Did I Just Witness In Carolina? The Panthers Now Own The Greatest NFL Game Opener

What we saw in Carolina today for their NFL pre-game was nothing short of phenomenal. I couldn’t stop watching it over and over and over.

The people in Carolina have some sick talent after pulling this off. The technology is amazing, and it was truly mind-blowing. The best part about this is? It will open up pandora’s box now. After everyone witnessing that, every other NFL team will find a way to be as cool as The Carolina Panthers now are.

I don’t care if you hate football. You have to admit that what we saw there was some badass shit. Carolina has set the bar high. And after that opening, a big win to start the season, I may dump my Packers after their dismal performance against New Orleans today and root for the Panthers.

Enjoy the rest of the games today and tomorrow. ✌️💙

Bondzee Trippin With Bondzee

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